09 July 2008

My First (Belated) Anniversary at S4i Systems

Holy crap! I didn't even notice that its been more than a year at my new job. In fact, I'm almost a month late in noticing! Last year, on June 14th, I started working for S4i Systems, and let me tell you, I've never been happier at a job in my life. My resume in the past was pretty long, with odd jobs here, ending with my working in the cell phone industry as an agent for Cingular and later AT&T Wireless, which started with Pacifica Wiress and ended up with Prime Communications. Working here has been a dream, and each day brings me more enjoyment (if not some healthy mental frustration) as I wrestle with logic problems in creating and maintaining software. Now, though this software doesn't really hit public hands on a grand scale (after all, we work with enterprise-level servers, so my software is seen by maybe a handful of clients), and although to the end-user the programs aren't super-shiny and spiffy like those overly-animated apps by Apple, they get the job done and quite well too. What makes me happy, though, is knowing that, in part, I've taken an idea and made it into a reality, and nothing can describe that level of pride of making something out of just an idea and vision.
In the last year, I've worked on 2 major projects and 1 technical resolution project. One of the major projects, the first major project I've worked on, was a maintenance/update project, adding a large set of new features and bug fixes to an existing product, and although one of the major features has not been implemented yet (because what people are asking is very complex and incredibly difficult based on the current UI - a problem that I seem to be having with not only this project but also my pet project, Twobile, as well), it still runs impeccably and with the exception of a quick support call, I haven't had a lot of people complaining of bugs or other problems.
The second project, and the one I've been working on since about mid-February, is my pride and joy. Originally started by my co-worker, it was put on the back burner for a long time and I picked it up. Initially very basic in functionality and very incomplete, it was a framework that propelled me to continue what was started and now one major half of the application is almost complete. And I have to be somewhat prideful and say that I am incredibly impressed with how far its come and what it is capable of doing now. Almost 6 months ago, many of the things that I can do now were not even possible since it was very early in development, but now it is a much more mature project (although still technically an alpha - meaning its still quite incomplete). Much of the best stuff occurred a few months ago and in the last 2 weeks, with many features coming together finally and presenting itself to be ready for initial internal tests (at least for that half of it). Its actually very exciting!
Now, in terms of my interpersonal relationships in the office, the friendly atmosphere in the office continues. We still have lunch in the office together quite often, and still laugh and joke around here and there. My desk (pictured above) has since acquired a large number of things, including the Rubik's cube that I mentioned before. I have a Gir plush, digital picture frame, an R/C helicopter and an R/C Yoshi, a Zen garden (in its box still after about 9 months, funnily enough), an air fern, a cheap Rolex imitation that my boss got while he was in China, and other pieces of crap that are somewhat reminiscent of who I am.
As you can see, I'm pretty happy where I am and have no complaints about it. Its a wonderful place to work (if you're in this line of work, of course), and I don't have any plans to leave anytime soon. I'm so glad that I got the chance to be here and I've been good enough to stay. Well, I must be off back to work now!

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