17 June 2008

Sean Recommends... Part I

Sean Recommends is a new featurette here that I hope to help introduce, or even point people, to some of the best things I've found, whether it be food, music, movies and TV shows, sites, etc. All items linked are in no way endorsed or affiliated with this site in any way.

Seeing as how I've found myself tirelessly looking for something new and exciting on the Internets, I've decided to help spread the joys I've found in my musings through the day with all of you. Mind you, everything I've found and put here are what I've considered to be top-notch in my opinion. Now, without further ado:

  • The Rock & Roll - Love Boat Sushi in Temecula near the Promenade Mall- First recommended to me a while ago by AJ, both Ashley and I have fell in love with this roll and highly recommend it to everybody who has the ability and opportunity to order it.


  • Album: Every Man For Himself by Hoobastank - I first fell into Hoobastank with their album "The Reason" and have listened to their other albums and love them just as much. Every Man For Himself has an encompassing theme of being an individual, and nobody makes that point better than Hoobastank. Definitely an album worth listening to.
  • Album: Minutes to Midnight by Linkin Park - Linkin Park is one of the few bands out there that nearly almost always has a unique sound with every album. Although I've only like select few songs they've had on previous albums, Minutes to Midnight has captivated me the entire album through. Its also one of the few albums that relays messages quite well, particularly political commentary that reflects some of my viewpoints on current situations.
  • Single: Numb by Linkin Park (HeartBeat Bootleg) - You probably won't find this one anywhere in stores, but this is an awesome high-energy vocal trance/dance remix of the popular Linkin Park song that is definitely worth listening to at least once - especially if you like fast-beat trance/dance music like I do. You can listen to it here.

Although this is all I can think of right this second, this is definitely not the only thing that I found to be very cool, and you can rest assured that I will be back at some point later with more stuff that just rocks your socks off!

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