18 May 2008

Spring 2008: 100% Completed!

Rejoice! The Spring semester is finally over! I can finally relax and not stress out over impending assignment due dates and the threat of death-by-exams. Unfortunately, I still am worrying a little about the results of my final exams, considering since my professors haven't yet posted any of the final grades. Its not that I am so worried about them that I can't sleep at night, but there are 2 of my classes that I worry about: my Philosophy of Religion class and my Computer Architecture class. My Philosophy of Religion has been difficult to work through the entire semester, not in understanding the material, but being able to answer exam questions. In fact, my midterm had the worst grade I've ever gotten on an exam (a D!), but the final exam seemed curiously easy, almost too easy, and may have caught me off guard. I did, however, take advantage of an extra credit assignment that was available to us, which was pretty much an open-ended 2-page essay about the movie Expelled by Ben Stein. If you want to read my critique/overview/summary of the movie, click here. As for my Computer Architecture class, I've had a hard time being able to answer the performance evaluation questions since there really are no set formulas for answering them.

Either way, I'm just glad its finally over. I can now devote more attention to several projects that I have been wanting to work on and complete for quite some time now, in particular the Twobile project and fixing my car. We'll see how things go, since my task list for this summer is pretty ambitious, but either way, I need to finish everything.

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