23 May 2008

Crazy Weather

If you live in Southern California, chances are you probably have been wondering what happened to the weather yesterday and this weekend. It has been very bizarre, coming out of quite literally nowhere and just making a huge mess of things. Lightning and thunder, rain, hail, snow, the whole shabang all came in a fierce frenzy that confused Southern Californians, and totally caught us off guard. Coming out of ridiculously hot weather for May, this sudden drop in temperatures and onslaught of strong storms definitely was out of place for this time of year. In fact, the weather has been so bizarre that a tornado touched down in Moreno Valley yesterday afternoon, captured on camera by other Southern Californians, broadcasted by ABC 7 News, and shown below. Now, I've been through Moreno Valley and at times I see very large dust devils in the large open, dry brush expanses next to the 215 freeway in that area, but never have I seen a full-blown tornado spawn in such an area. I guess a tornado has the potential to spawn anywhere in the world given the right conditions exist, and I guess this is one of those rare occassions where they did exist. Lets just hope that this trend does not continue, as we Californians have no clue how to deal with tornados first hand, nor are our homes tornado-ready in the slighest.
My brother made the joke that Mother Nature felt it was time to clean up the dirt around Moreno Valley and so used a "natural vacuum" to do the job. I replied "except tornados don't do the same thing as a Dirt Devil vacuum - they suck but make a bigger mess instead."

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AJ said...

someone said yesterday that this drastic change in weather represents the end of days.