09 April 2008

Old People & Cell Phone Drivers

As many drivers are aware, some of the most aggrevating drivers out there are seniors and people talking on their cell phones. Now, seniors have always been annoyances on the roadways since their slower response time results in their driving slower and their declining memory/sense of direction cause them to make mistakes which we as other drivers see as swerving. Cell phone users are not much different, but only in the 21st century (technically since the 80s if you want to be picky) can these convienent pieces of electronics make even the younger, faster-to-respond drivers drive as annoyingly or even more so than seniors. But, alas, we live in the 21st century and electronics are nearly available to everyone, and that includes seniors. So what happens when you give a cell phone to a senior and they use it while driving? Enough for me to wish I wasn't driving at all. Now, I admit that I am among the crowd of cell phone users, but unlike most, I use a Bluetooth headset to allow myself both hands free and to give myself the widest range of motion possible. What I think should be done is have phones that do not ring more than 1 quick time while it is in motion greater than a certain velocity unless a headset or some other handsfree device (Bluetooth or otherwise) is connected. That would prevent a lot of problems, I think.

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AJ said...

I haven't had the pleasure yet -- thank God -- to come across a senior citizen using a mobile phone while driving. I have however come across a senior citizen eating a bagel while trying to drive. I though to myself, "Wow that's one slow moving steel casket of danger right there."