10 April 2008

Is this the end of an era?

I meant to write about this a few weeks ago when I started to noticed it happening. What is it that has been happening, you may be asking? Well, as we all know, because gas prices have been rising at a rapid rate (I filled up my tank yesterday and compared to how much it cost me to fill it up 2 days prior, it had risen 8 cents in that 2-day span!), more and more people have been staying home. As such, many stores in malls have been closing and, as it appears, even video stores. And since people do not want to waste gas driving to their local video store and have decided to switch to such services as NetFlix and Blockbuster's version of movie-to-your-door services, or even to automated rental vending machines inside/outside or near gas stations and grocery stores (where people will inevitably have to drive anyway), Blockbuster and Hollywood Video have closed some of their stores. In fact, in Oceanside near my work, a Hollywood Video has closed its doors permanently - and it is located at a corner that is high traffic and has several nearby neighborhoods. In fact, from where I drive around that intersection at lunch time, I haven't found another video store around!
The big blow to my memories is the Blockbuster that closed off Rancho California Rd in Temecula. I remember when my family first moved to Temecula that that was the nearest video rental place and Hollywood Video was just beginning to show up near Target. I remember the days when my family as a whole would go to Blockbuster and we would spend time looking for videos and games to watch and play, negotiating which ones we would want to watch and which we can afford. I even remember the time when the PlayStation and the Nintendo 64 were new and Blockbuster allowed you to rent the consoles: that was the first time I had played on either and why I ended up loving the Nintendo 64 versus the PlayStation. Now, as I drive past the vacant building (which actually sits next to the Pizza Hut, which may have issues since I'm sure many people who rented movies also ordered a pizza so that they can watch and eat at the same time), I remember the times I had with my family, walking through and seeing the many different movies all available for my viewing pleasure - whether good or so horrible its funny.
Alas, in this day and age where everything changes so fast, even us young 20-somethings are quickly becoming too old to keep up. :( Hell, I still can't figure out how to rewind a DVD (just kidding) :D

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AJ said...

DD my friend. DD. Digital effin' Distribution is the wave of the future -- like the Segway and Toshiba's HD DVD!