24 April 2008

Crunch Time

Well, its that time of the semester again - the time towards the end of the semester when students rejoice that its almost over and teacher's freak out because they haven't gotten through as much of the material as they had planned in the syllabus. As much as it is a relief to know that the end is near, it is quite an annoying time since the teachers begin to pick up the pace in the classes and try to cover as much material in as little time as possible. In my opinion, rushing like this does not help us students know more, just confuse us since we aren't even given enough time to let the information sink and and allow us to formulate or discover issues in our own understanding and ask questions about them. What's worse is that since teachers are now pushing ahead quickly, they try to cover new material as quickly as possible, creating problems where many different homework assignments overlap each other, creating scheduling and task-list problems as we try to work through everything and have enough time to read through the material necessary for the next class session.
Now, in mid-May, I will be working through all 4 of my classes' final exams - this much I knew. Unfortunately, looking at the exam schedule for each of my classes now, I realized that the first day of examinations for me (May 14th) will be extremely hard, having 3 2-hour final exams seperated by 15 minutes each, the first starting at 7am (normally my classes don't start until 8am)! May 15th, the day of my last final, will be easier on me, as I only have 1 final that is also 2 hours long and starts at 11:30am. Crazy, I know, but I'm just going to have to pray that my brain and my hand work that Wednesday. I know, though, that I'll be thoroughly exhausted by the end of it all.
So, as I draw closer to the end of my 3rd semester at CSUSM, this space will become quite quiet for the time being as I try to get everything I can done before the end of the semester. Unfortunately, this also means that the next version of Twobile that I have been working on (my Twitter client for Windows Mobile PocketPC/Professional devices) won't be ready for release until mid-May, which is kind of a set-back since I've been trying hard to incorporate a few new features and a load of bug fixes (and is definitely a disappointment since I haven't been able to work on making it work without the need of a touchscreen, so that will have to come after the next release). What makes matters worse is that I have been clamping down on my expenditures lately to accomodate the fact that gas prices are shooting up at quite an alarming rate and that I still have to fix my car from my accident! Oh well, at least I'll be happy when its all finally over...

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