11 March 2008

Interesting Article: Las Vegas Casinos

Let's face it: anyone who has ever seen Ocean's 11, 12 or 13 have, at some point or another, wished they too could rob a casino and get away with it, all the while being suave and very well dressed. Just the very thought of being a smooth-talking, sexy, incredible heist planner and executor makes one feel as if it just may be possible - and you'd think you were the coolest person on the planet. You dive deep into your fantasy, thinking about the stresses of trying to figure out every detail, the excitement you would get while you walked away with the money, and the amazing things you could do with it. Then you wake up. You realize that getting a skilled crew like in the Ocean's trilogy would be next to impossible - mainly because you don't even know where to start looking for these people - and then the amount of resources necessary would discourage you in every bit. But then there was the detail that you didn't initially think was as detailed as it really is: casino security.
Sure anybody who has actually been to a Las Vegas Casino knows about the numerous card-key door locks on hotel rooms, or the countless number of visible security cameras throughout the hotel on every floor (not to mention those you can't see), but then there are measures that are even more subtle that give the casino the upper hand when it comes to security. Now, I'm not talking about the security to protect you, the visitor, from those baddies that roam around - oh, no - its security to protect their money they make off you. But for me, I've always wondered just how they go about some of the things that they do: how do they deal with addicted gamblers, knowing when people are cheating, and how they deal with any other undesirable people and/or events. Yesterday, on Slashdot, a reader posted a link to an article on ComputerWorld that had an interview with a man who was in the involved in the casino industry as a chief scientist for the Systems Research & Development. In the article he talked about the things the casinos are not only required to do by law, but the tricks they use to not only prevent thieves from making off with their money, but also how they deal with them when they do set foot in the casino and make off with their money and how they end up catching them. I guess the glamorousness of the Ocean's trilogy is better left for the entertainment industry and our wishful imagination.

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