10 March 2008

I Hate Mondays

I hate Mondays. I, like so many other people, hate Mondays for the sole fact that its the first day of the week, a signal to the end of a weekend, and because so many other people are grumpy about the fact that its Monday as well, they make your day more difficult than it really should be. Take for instance the fact that Daylight Savings Time began earlier this year, and occurred this past Sunday. That, in itself, sucks because I end up loosing an hour of sleep because the clocks were set forward an hour. I have to exclaim, like so many people who try to hold on to what bit of sleep they do get (i.e., other college students), why the hell do we still have Daylight Savings Time? I could see its use back in the 1920s and so on, but in this day-and-age, is it really necessary? I think not, and I've read reports online (unofficial, since nobody really wants to spend the money to study it officially) that nowadays Daylight Savings Time actually ends up wasting energy rather than conserving it. Is this true? I don't know, but either way, if it meant the end of Daylight Savings Time, I'd support it.

Well, after I finally managed to wake up and get myself into my car and on the road, I approached a 2-lane road that nearly always has traffic on it on my route to CSUSM (many of you who travel South to get to CSUSM or Palomar College may already know this road). Well, as I was getting off the I-15 when this jerk in a black Toyota Celica skidded his way between me and the person behind/next-to-me. Then, after waiting in traffic for about 5 or so minutes, he apparently got fed up with the traffic and tried to pass everybody on the wrong side of the road (mind you, the street is a double-yellow, so its illegal to pass). Well, just as he moved into the wrong side of the road, he noticed the errors in his ways and immediately tried to merge back in, to which he could not do since the cars on our side of the road were not moving. So he quickly runs his car into the dirt off the side of the road on the opposite side, waits for a clear opening, then backs up and attempts to go back the way he came. I think he was in a hurry, don't you? Probably forgot to set his clock an hour ahead for Daylight Savings Time.
But wait - there's more! Because I had woken up later than usual, I was unable to use the restroom first thing that morning, when I (finally) arrived at my educational institution, I headed straight for the restrooms, seeing it a necessity that I use it since I wouldn't have a chance to for the next 4 and half hours. I went in and this other guy came in a few minutes after me, and yet another. The first guy after me went into the stall next to mine on the left, and the other on the right. Well, like most normal humans, I had to toot on the can and the guy on my left apparently wasn't very mature and began snickering. Even when the guy on my right did too, he began giggling again. It wasn't just coincidence that he was laughing as soon as we tooted, because he kept doing it as soon as we did. Needless to say, I can expect this behavior from an elementary school kid and maybe a middle-schooler, but from a college student, come on. Show a little class, be a little mature...
Oh, and it gets worse! While I was in my first class, the teacher was a little ticked at the performance that we had on our midterms. Apparently he had to realign the entire class's scores since nobody was able to get the last question right. And when we asked questions as to why certain things were as they were, he gave some pretty harsh replies, which he quickly backtracked and made it sound like he was being sarcastic or it was a joke. Needless to say, I was pretty ticked in that class for the lack of professionalism that he exhibited, but, whatever, as long as I pass, right?
So anyway, that was my day... How was yours?

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