14 March 2008

Happy Pi Day!

As many geeks might know, today, 3/14, is "officially" known as Pi Day. It is the day when the mathematical marvel Pi is celebrated for its neverending goodies that it brings to us. In fact there are a number of mathematical numbers that have similar properties as Pi, like Phi, but Pi is different in that it helps solve so many engineering and mathematical problems every day. How fast will your tires spin if you are travelling a distance of 1 mile in 3 minutes? Pi will help you solve that problem. What is the amplitude of a particular sound when the frequency is 6000Hz at the time 3 microseconds? Pi can help you with that one too. Its incredibly versitile and today is the day we can celebrate it! Skoot on over to Slashdot's article on Pi Day and see some trivia about one of the most perplexing magic numbers, like the fact that Albert Einstein was born today too!

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AJ said...

Pi is exactly 3!