19 March 2008

Great Articles

Okay, its getting close to my 1-year anniversary at my work and my 1-year anniversary for having left Prime Communications (Southern California AT&T Division). Even a year after leaving the cellphone industry, it still intrigues me and I still have strong passions for new mobile tech (particularly in high-tech stuff like PDAs and the iPhone), just because they have a lot of potential to do what has never been done on a mobile device before. But, as many of you have known from my previous blog posts, I hated working in the industry. Why? Sales scum. Quota nonsense. And just the sheer incompetence of some fellow coworkers or other contacts within Prime or even in AT&T/Cingular. I remember the never-ending complaints of customers, their threats and the fact that I was bound by the rules of my employment there that were not aligned with their desires, making me look bad. Although it was good during the beginning, the more I learned, the harder it was for me to work for them. But, today, I ran across a couple articles that made me smile, as somebody else eloquently put what I already knew but other people wouldn't understand regardless of how you said it. And although they come from those in the cellphone industry, their message is echoed throughout every service industry. So, without further ado, here are the links to the articles that I highly encourage reading:

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