11 February 2008

3 Days

Its that time again - a "holiday" created by greeting card companies in hopes that you'll buy their gifts to give to your "Valentine." But as a guy, it inevitably happens that you'll forget to get something until the last possible second, and then you too will join the crowds of men at the mall or in greeting card stores in hopes that you can find that special something for that special someone.
Am I prepared? Sort of. I've got the cards (yes, plural, I couldn't settle on one to explain what I wanted to say). I've got the gift. I've got a plan for the evening. The only thing I don't have planned is what her reaction to what I've tried to plan. Considering that Valentine's Day this year is on a Thursday, meaning that I will be in class as well as going to work (as she will be at work as well), meaning that I will not be able to spend the entire day with her like I have in the past. To this, I am disappointed, since I love her so much. But in a way I am glad so that I can make whatever last-minute preparations I would need to ensure that she would be happy. My only hope is that other men across the nation will be prepared as well.

"Hell (truly) has no wrath like that of a woman scorned"-- William Shakespeare.

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ajpapa.net said...

Godspeed my friend ... Godspeed.