30 January 2008

Gas Prices, Elections, and Classes - Oh My!

Well, its been about a week since classes have begun for me and I can tell you that my a** is going to be chewed up and spit out by the end of this semester. Of course, things can always change between now and then.
What I really wanted to talk about is how cool it is that gas prices have gone down a bit and I was able to buy gas for 1 penny less than 3 bucks per gallon yesterday (at the Shell station off HW79 South in Temecula). I also saw an Arco advertising 2.96/gal. Not bad. Let's hope that this trend continues for a while.
Lastly, as most of you know, the California Primary Election is coming up, and all I can say is that I am sick and tired of hearing people (the news mainly) talking about it. When the time comes, just vote for what you want; it shouldn't be based on what other people care. We all have different needs, and that's why we live in a semi-Democratic country - so that the needs of many are met. So all I can say is this: don't listen to anybody on TV or anyone else, just vote on what you feel is right and what you need. 'Nuff said.
Well, this is a quick post, but class is starting now, so I've got to go. Until next time!


Heather said...

sean I am with you dude! Gass has been horriable lately and that is killing me. you can't afford to go anywhere and yet you can't afford to sit home on your tucas either, total catch 22. really sux. but you re right the AM/PM stores temd to be the cheapest and ifyou stay away from the gas stations right off or by hte freeways it tend to be alittle cheaper, they hype prices fro the travelers to pay. we just get stuck in the middle. and get this, I saw gas in escondido for yep 2.95 like a week ago when our gas was still at 3.05 a gallon. so buy smart adn travel safe. peace out ya'll

ajpapa.net said...

I was actually going to register to vote and vote with a non-vote. I'm just voting this year on the various propositions. I've lost faith in the system with all the special interest and donations and such.