10 December 2007

Stupid Things I Think About While Driving

As much as I try to focus on thinking about things that I know I have to, like finals and other school things, while I drive from my house to school or work I end up thinking about incredibly asinine and random things.
Recently I was on my way to work and talking to Ashley on the phone and a really random thought popped into my mind: what if the world was a cube rather than a mostly spherical orb? Ashley, of course, gave the incredulous "What?" and I began to explain:
Let's say that the world was a cube, with 6 distinct sides and sharp corners. The world would be a very difficult place to live. I mean, imagine if you were driving across a country that happened to have one of the edges on it. How would your car make it across the edge without getting stuck? I mean, we would have to round off the edges to make sure we could drive but that would be a engineering feat in itself! Heck, how would the ocean propagate tides across the edges? And what about water flow? If the world had semi-flat sides, water wouldn't flow as it does now and would create puddles. There would be no Grand Canyon or Nile River. Certain sides would remain artic all year-round since light could no longer bend around the Earth. And the difference between daylight and night time would be drastic and short (there would be virtually no sunrise or sunset).
Well, I know its wierd that I think of such things, but it isn't the first time. In fact, I've decided to put them here to exercise my imagination and to let everyone read the crazy things I come up with.

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