20 December 2007

Global Thinking?

Okay, I know this topic has been beaten dead already, but I came up with a new angle for it: global warming. Its been debated heavily this past year about its existence or not, but the truth of the matter is the decision as to what to do about it is incredibly important. As humans, we have the ability to adapt to some of the harshest conditions and stay alive. We can survive through heat and cold, but unfortunately not for too long.
Some argue that due to pollution we have artificially increased the world's temperature. Though this increase is very small, its impact is very profound thanks to the tight, intricate interdependancies of the global environment. But some argue that the Earth is merely moving into another global temperature cycle. Regardless of what the cause is, the truth of the matter is that some important facets of the global are breaking down and something needs to be done about it.
It is said that no one on Earth could ever prevent an ecological disaster from occurring once set in motion, but what if we could in smaller ways? Besides, if the Chaos Theory actually holds true, the small changes we make may actually make a difference later on down the road.
There is the undeniable truth that as we consume resources, they eventually will expire and an alternative resource will need to be sought out. We see this every day with oil prices continually climbing as more and more people globally begin to use oil as the fuel for their futures. And there is the undeniable fact that, when you sit at a red light in summer and are next to a truck or other car that you can feel the heat from that vehicle making it more and more difficult to stand sitting there, so that MUST have some impact on the temperature (maybe not on a global scale, but at least a local one).
See, the way I see it, I believe accepting that we, as inhabitants of this planet, have a responsibility to protect our only home, be it saving what few resources we have left or by helping protect that which we need the most - Her protection for us. By assuming responsibility, whether or not it really is our fault (which I believe it is), we force ourselves to search for alternative recyclable, non-polluting fuels. Thus, we protect ourselves and protect the planet. If we except that this fluctuation in temperature is just a phase, then we don't help ourselves to find alternatives and we will end up with a shortage and mass chaos. So, I believe that, regardless of what you might think about the whole global warming thing, I think it would be better for everyone to support the theory. Heck, your health, bank account, and livelihood may just get better! Who can argue with that?

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ajpapa.net said...

People always ask me ... "You are just one person. What difference can you make?" The answer I always tell them is at least when we do eventually fry our selves I can safely say I wasn't part of the problem and that I actually made an effort.