25 November 2007

Lazy Thanksgiving Weekend

Okay, so I'll admit it, I haven't been very active this weekend thanks to homework and the mass amounts of turkey that I've been eating. Despite my laziness this weekend, I was able to go Christmas shopping with Ashley on Black Friday, which I will say was complete chaos. First, we went to the mall, which we couldn't find anywhere to park, but luckily we had to stop off at Barnes & Noble before heading into the mall so we just left the car parked there. After Barnes & Noble, we headed to JC Penney and got quite a few gifts for a few people on our Christmas list (taking advantage of their 4am-1pm sale). After that, we walked around the mall, going into stores like Sears and Macy's to see what we could find, then met up with my parents at the local AT&T store. From there, we left to Fry's Electronics in San Marcos and got a couple things there. After which we headed back.
Since then, I've been extremely lazy, holing myself up in the room doing my homework and occasionally looking around the Internet for some cool electronics projects. I found this Arduino microprocessor board that is quite inexpensive that I could use for a number of projects, including one that I want to use for my car when I finally get a computer in it. It seems pretty cool and I know I could do quite a bit with it, but for now I can just look at it and plan other things for my carputer.
I may or may not be able to post in the next few weeks because of the massive amount of work and projects that I'll be engaged with as the semester draws to a close, so we'll see if I can squeeze out another post between now and Christmas.

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