21 November 2007

Happy Thanksgiving 2007!

Well, for those of us in the U.S., Thanksgiving is upon us. Tons of wonderfully prepared food and delectable treats will be available for consumption tomorrow. It it one day that I will be able to break the so-called "diet that I've elected to put myself on so that I can enjoy the wonderful dishes that my family will prepare. I can't wait!

However, over the last couple of days I've been thinking about something that my fiancee and I talked about that has been a wonderful reassurance that I would never be left alone if something horrible happened to me. The other night I was complaining to her that I was going to pay some outrageous amount to park here at CSUSM, but if I had a motorcycle, the price would be significantly reduced. She looked at me very sternly and said "No," to which I replied that it makes more sense for me to get one so I can save money on gas as well going to and from work and school. She walked over and sat next to me and looked at me with a look of adoration and said that she would rather me pay more for my parking pass than have me injured or killed in a motorcycle accident - the price of those injuries far exceeded the price of a parking pass and so it only made sense that a parking pass would be cheaper than a harrowing ordeal. I asked, in an attempt for reassurance (I already was assured, but I liked to hear it), I asked that if I was ever maimed or paralyzed in an accident, motorcycle or not, would she still love me the way she did now. She looked at me again in adoration, and said "Of course. It isn't what you look like, but who you are as a person that I love." It was one of those moments that, though redundant, made me incredibly happy to have found such a wonderful woman.

Well, I know this Thanksgiving, though I will not be able to be with her, I will definitely be giving thanks for being given her as the one I will spend the rest of my life with! Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

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