08 October 2007

Mile 60,900

So, it finally happened, and I'm really pissed: I got into my first accident. And to make matters worse, I'm the one at fault. I rear-ended some guy this morning at about 7:40a on my way to work as I was getting off the freeway. So here's what happened:

I was getting off the I-15 South at Gopher Canyon Rd. and preparing to make a right-turn to go west up the Gopher Canyon hill. This guy in his blue Toyota Carolla was in front of me, waiting to make a right turn. As he began to go, I turned my head left to see if their was any on-coming traffic, and seeing an opportunity, I pressed the accelerator and that's when it happened. Apparently, when I thought he had gone, he didn't and sat there just outside of peripheral vision and so I hit him. It was not very fast - less than 5 MPH - and there was no damage to him (according to what he had said to me), or his car (except for a scratch on his bumper, but from what he had said it may have been from another accident he had been involved in). However, my car took the brunt of the accident and definitely showed that it had been involved in a fender-bender. Being very concerned about his well-being, I was very apologetic and asked him numerous times about how he felt, of which he responded that he was a little surprised about what had happened. I also asked that we trade information, though he did not seem to really want to. After trading each other's name, address, phone number and writing down license plate numbers (as well as taking pictures of both vehicles with my phone), we proceeded to have a short chat about how well our cars held up. After which we shook hands as we both went our seperate ways. Fortunately, he was a good fellow and did not appear to be too horribly upset, probably because he knew I was beating myself up pretty good.

It just ticks me off that I messed up my car so badly, and after getting quotes for how much it would cost me to repair the damage I did to my car ($800+!), I still am beating myself up - so much so that I couldn't do a relatively simple problem at school!

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