24 October 2007

Fires Suck

Okay, so I started writing this blog on Tuesday afternoon and never got a chance to finish it, so here I go:

It was like every other Monday morning: I got up a 5:30 and left Ashley's house at 6:45. As I got onto the I-15 going South, I noticed something strange: there was very little traffic. It was very strange, but I figured it was because of the fires and the radio stations (and possibly TV stations, but I hadn't watched it that morning) that had started telling people to stay home. Well, as I passed the Temecula Border Patrol checkpoint, I saw a new fire beginning, but I thought nothing of it and continued southward. As I progressed, I noticed that the horizon was obscured by a thick cloud of smoke from the larger fires deeper in San Diego County. I arrived at work just before 8am as normal, but as soon as I walked in, my phone gave its jingle that I had an email. I checked it and found that it was about CSUSM and the fire. Apparently there was a fire that had started near the school and threatened the surrounding area, so the email advised me that the campus would be closed that day.
I continued to progress through the day as normal, except that I stayed at work all day seeing as it was not possible for me to get to the campus. Well, at about 4pm, I got another email telling me that the campus was going to be closed for Wednesday as well. I got into my car and began driving back home at about 4:30p, but noticed that the roadways were even more deserted. When I reached Gopher Canyon Rd, I noticed a police block off into Vista, so I progressed to the I-15 to go North home. At about this time, I received several calls from my parents letting me know that the roadways were closed and that the time my dad told me that the I-15 in both directions from the 78 in Escondido to the 79 in Temecula. Well, due to the fires in Aguanga and the fact that all traffic now attempted to go through the 78 West to the 5 North to get around the fires (and consequently the 5 became a parking lot), I was stuck in San Diego County. Well, they opened the I-15 North - but only for a few miles. I met up with my dad on the offramp of the I-15 to Old Highway 395, and we waited for good news until about 8:00p. Well, we decided to give up and managed to get the only room left at a Best Western in Escondido off the I-15 (we were lucky to have gotten it after somebody had cancelled a reservation just seconds before we called for it).
Well, my dad and I slept there until the following morning, at which he returned to work and I stayed in the hotel with the news on the TV. I was talking to Ashley about how much it sucked to have been stuck down there with nothing else other than what I brought with me, but at that moment the TV broadcaster mentioned that the I-15 had been reopened. I immediately jumped into my car and raced over and past the roadblock and saw the damage, with spots along the freeway still smoldering on both sides. Well, at about 5p I received another email from the school telling me that the school would be closed until Monday the 29th.
And that's why fires suck. That's my super confusing story, and I'm sticking to it.

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