06 September 2007

Oddities on Twitter

Okay, there are some people that share way too much when they are on Twitter. I know that because you are somewhat anonymous on Twitter, you should still have a sense of reservation when talking about certain things. Take for instance this woman on Twitter: I woke up and immediately logged into Twitter (like a good Twitterer would do! :D) and I found the following post in the public timeline. Needless to say, it was quite amuzing to think that somebody would reveal that much information on the Interweb, but it just goes to show you just how crazy some of the information you find on the Internet can be.

Thanks for sharing that bit of info. I'm not going to pretend you didn't say that and post this on the Internet for all to see! :D

1 comment:

ajpapa.net said...

LOL. If I ever post anything that stupid on twitter I give you permission to assasinate me.