03 September 2007

A Look Into The Stars

I forgot to mention it yesterday, but I bought myself a new telescope that I'll be leaving at my fianceé's house. It's a nice basic telescope, made my Meade (the model is a NG-60 for those who really want to know) and pretty powerful. Unfortunately I tried using it yesterday but there was a bit too much haze so I was unable to see much (that and it was dark so I wasn't able to align the targetting scope). I bought it from Big5 for 65 bucks, and to tell you honestly it was a pretty good deal. Although I really don't need one, I decided I'd buy one anyways since you're able to see so many stars at my fianceé's house but I've never had a telescope to watch the stars. At least I didn't pay the list price of 199 bucks for it. We'll see how well I can see the stars with it when the skies clear up a bit more (after all these thunderstorms).

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