27 September 2007


Here's the story:
My workstation laptop died about a month ago with the hard drive slowly dying until it wouldn't start up again. After retrieving the data off it and backing it up, the hard drive completely quit, and my email information was tucked nicely away in its backed-up state until I was able to restore it. Well, I was able to get a new hard drive which proved to have a manufacturers defect when it died again only two weeks after I got it, and so I was again left without the ability to get email. I had to return the hard drive to the place I bought it online, and waited a week to be reimbursed (after an accounting error at that). Then, after I finally got my money, I bought a new hard drive and proceeded to put that into service. However, due to changes in configuration (I need to install Linux and XP, although I tried XP, Vista, and Linux but that didn't work too well) I have been delayed in my attempts to restore email functionality. Mind you, I have many different email addresses. Well, one of them has in the past year been a target for spammers, and today has become riduculous. Because of my long abscence, many many messages were still on the spammed email server. Fortunately, my email service for my phone was able to aggregate all that email into one location so I can still access it, so I decided to add it to the aggregations list: big mistake. At 1pm, when I enabled the service, it proceeded to download all the messages in the system. Over 17000 of them. It took several hours, but finally it finished (at about 8 o'clock). Unfortuantely, my phone attempted to download at least 7000 of them and is now acting strangely in that I am unable to remove them all due to their shear size as well as the fact that my phone has run out of space in its memory to complete its clean up routines. Now I'm trying to purge the email by unlinking it from the online service, but its just sitting there right now not doing anything in particular (I think). Just an hourglass on the screen. Well, we'll see how this goes.

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