02 August 2007

Vacations are too short

Its been said millions of times, but vacations are never long enough. Over the last 3 days I've been at the river just outside of Parker, AZ. Ashley, her sister and sister's husband, Ashley's sister's friend and boyfriend, and I all went to stay at Ashley's sister's husband's father's trailer that he had by the river. It was small, but thank goodness it had A/C. It was really hot and semi-humid when we got there so we took out the boat and launched it and began to head up river as far as we could go, which was up to Parker Dam. We cut off the engine and drifted down a ways until a rainstorm threatened our fun, so we headed back and spent the rest of the day on the trailer's patio just talking and having fun.
On the second day, we left to a casino nearby to have breakfast, and afterwards we launched the SeaDoo and the boat and headed upriver again. We enjoyed ourselves on the river (especially myself, who was able to ride the SeaDoos for the first time), and finally headed back when the sun began to go down. On the way back Ashley and I rode the SeaDoo, and found ourselves without gas less than 1000 feet from our dock point. Fortunately we had enough to make it and was able to leave. The rest of that night we played games and had fun - and in my case a little too much fun.
The next morning we all headed back to the casino and I played my first games of Blackjack. I lost of course, but fought pretty well and it actually looked like I was going to win quite a sum of money for a while I was on a winning streak, but then I began to loose. After that we went back to get packed up and then began to head back home. Altogether it was very fun, but altogether too short.

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ajpapa.net said...

Life should be a vaccation.