17 August 2007

Update: My Abstinence from Starbucks

Well, its been 311 days, 9 hours, and XX minutes since the first full day of my New Year's Resolution to stay away from Starbucks, and to tell you honestly, it feels really good. I have only ruined this resolution twice in the entire time, and I have felt very good. In fact, this morning, I began thinking about how much money I could have lost on coffees and drinks from the over-priced Starbucks, and this is what I've come up with:
  • Of the 309 days that I haven't had any coffee, if I bought a $5 cup every one of those days, I would have spent about $1545!
  • If on every one of those days I ordered a White Chocolate Mocha with Whipped Cream and 2% milk (my favorite), then I would have consumed more than 145230 calories, of which I would have consumed 52530 fat calories and 5562 grams of fat (or 12.2 pounds)!

To tell you honestly, I'm very glad that I have refrained as long as I have without coffee, and what is better is that I have been able cope with my being tired for quite some time and it has not hindered my work. Let's see if I can make a year without having a 3rd Starbucks!

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ajpapa.net said...

High five Sean! I have been sober from caffine for 2 years now! It was my 2005 New Years resolution.