12 August 2007

An Odd Dream

They say that dreams can sometimes reveal truth about an aspect of your life through some sort of metaphorical means. Well, I just had one of the scariest dreams in my life a few moments ago, and am now trembling because of its realisticness. Knowing full well that the United States is in a state of war with any terrorist threat, it has become a major fear that these terrorists will at some point acquire a nuclear device and detonate it on U.S. soil. Where they would detonate it remains a question, but it would be very clear that they would most likely use it to destroy a highly populated area.
Well, my dream started with me, Ashley, my brother, my parents, and my grandparents at a new bar that we have become part of the opening for. It was called "The Saloon." After announcing its grand opening (apparently my brother is older, so this is set at least 7 years into the future), my grandparents sit outside as everyone else goes inside to check out the new stuff. Not paying attention to the bright flash (thinking that it was a camera), someone on the radio announced "I am going to see my family now and so there will be nothing but silence. I suggest you all do the same. I repeat, Laguna Nigel has just been attacked..." and everything fell silent as if no other noise mattered. I glanced around and noticed the light casting down across the valley and through the window of the bar was a crimson red. I had noticed through the window that my grandmother was standing on the lawn in front with her mouth covered by her hand in bewilderment. My grandfather remained seated, staring in disbelief. I ran out of the bar and looked to the northwest. And there it was...
Blocking all the beautiful rays of the early evening sun, the fireball containing millions of burning innocent souls rose to the sky, leaving an ominous semi-red mushroom cloud in its wake. I crumbled to the ground, watching as the fireball began to extinguish, as were the souls of so many. In the silence of the crowd's awe and disbelief, I began to scream "No" pleadingly. The thoughts of my Aunt Cathy and her beautiful, cute, and innocent daughter Gabi, and of my Uncle Augie, his wife, cute and innocent daughter Nikki, his vibrant and playful son Patrick, as well as his youngest and cutest daughter Taylor. I thought of them and how quickly and unnecessarily they disappeared from this planet, as well as the lives of millions of others who did not deserve such an end. I remained where I was, screaming to the scene... And then I woke up, trembling, scared, worried, and incredibly disturbed.
What am I to make of this? Why did I have this dream, especially as the last one before waking up so that it stuck in my mind? These are questions that I ponder as I lay here after the frightening dream. Why?

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