08 July 2007

The Payne is Engaged!

Since February, I've been planning on asking Ashley to marry me on July 7th, 2007. Well, after talking with you guys and some co-workers about some ideas, I came up with my own that was too perfect to pass up: a perfect way to ask the perfect girl to marry me on the most perfect day. Since probing her for how she imagined her being proposed to would be like, I decided to make the proposal low key: she didn't want it to be a big foray, nor anything involving the beach, since that was waaaayyy too clichè. Well, I also wanted to take her to a restaurant that she would really enjoy, and knowing that P.F. Chang's was one of her favorite restaurants, I decided to try to plan things around us being there. That's where the idea of proposing to her using a fortune cookie came into mind. But, to take things further, I decided to give her a ring in the same fortune cookie along with the custom fortune that said "Ashley, will you marry me?"
Months past until June came around when I moved from the planning phase to the preparation phase. Unfortunately, 2 weeks before the day, I called her and told her that I was planning on going to P.F. Chang's with her on July 7th, and that we needed to set plans for that day. She told me that she already had something else planned, but I told her that it was imperative that we go, and so I managed to save that day from certain disaster. Meanwhile, now that I made such a fuss about that day being important that she go with me, she began probing me, really trying to get into my head and get me to slip up and say something about why we were going that day. I managed to hold the fort and she just forgot about it.
Well, on June 30th, I was admitted into the hospital for unknown reasons (well, I knew the reason was that I had enormous pain in my abdomen but the doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong) and wasn't sure when I would be released. I was worried that I wouldn't make the July 7th deadline, but I was released on the 2nd and immediately went back to work getting more things prepared. On July 4th, I made the reservations for P.F. Chang's, but realized I was in trouble again. Finally getting the custom fortune cookies in the mail, I realized that the one I was going to use was broken in half and had its packaging was mangled from the transport. Well, using my skills in cooking (which I really don't have but managed to McGyver it anyways), I used sugar-water to "glue" the two halves back together and used some tape to seal the package again. Just before going to her family's 4th-of-July party, I packed the cookie into a small box full of foam pellets in the back of my car. Spending the weekend with her, we went to see Transformers on the day with my brother, then dropped my brother off at home and headed to P.F. Chang's.
Well, long story short, we had dinner without a problem, but as I went to the bathroom I handed the fortune cookie to the waiter and he made sure he would deliver it at the appropriate time. She didn't believe it at first but when I said that it was really happening, I asked her to marry me. Needless to say she was in tears of joy and of course said yes, but it was a incredibly happy day for the both of us.
Update 7/9/07: Finally got my act together and added a picture of the two of us just after she said "Yes!"

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ajpapa.net said...

Omg Sean a custom fortune cookie? Thats so slick. Haha. Anyways I'd like to say congrats to you and the future misses. I hope you guys have an absolute wonderful future.