12 June 2007

Unimpressed Yet Again Apple

Well, I don't know too much about what happened at WWDC 2007, but I do know that as a developer, a couple of the most important debuts were completely unimpressive. One of the announcements was the notice that the Safari browser was to be ported to Windows-based desktops and a beta was already available. Albeit the reason was because of another announcement about the iPhone, which was said to allow for developer applications - except of the Web 2.0 sort. Exactly how does this mean that apps can be created for it? It doesn't, it just means that Apple, yet again, sugar-coated their pride-and-joy because they know they jacked up. Good job Steve Jobs, you officially suck. "Hi, my name is Steve Jobs, and here is our new piece-of-sh** iPhone that doesn't do anything special but make you buy all of your music from us or use only iTunes to manage your music, is really expensive, but looks cool. That's about it. You can give me your money now."

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ajpapa.net said...

iPhone has Safari fully integrated into it. You can create web 2.0 apps with all the AJAX bells and whistles. Though I kinda wanted a SDK for created iPhone native apps rather than just web apps. That kinda disapointed me. You should check out the video in its entirety. Despite your feelins about Apple its still an interesting perspective. Its always good to get a little context.