05 June 2007

Progress Update on TwitterLib - Part Deux

So its been a few days since I've last posted some information on my Twitter Library project, and so far almost everything is going fine. I've hit a bit of a snag trying to delete previous tweets, but have successfully been able to delete direct messages between individuals. I've done a bit of research on deleting previous tweets and it appears that it still can be done, but the entire process will take some time to run since it technically must emulate the processes a standard web browser takes. In essence, I've decided to put that feature on hold for right now since it make take some time before I include that into the library - possibly a future version. Other than that, I've been working on a test frontend for my Windows Mobile-based phone, and so far debugging that has been a breeze. What I will do is create this frontend to test the library, then as I test it I will create a much more flashy-yet-functional version for public consumption, that way I use the actual library myself for quite some time before people start using it.

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