26 June 2007

Progress Update on TwitterLib - Part 3

Its been quite a while since I've last put a post here on Blogger, but that's because I've been extremely busy. Between fixing my tickets and work, I've been running around with lots of things to do. Fortunately, however, I have been able to work a little bit on my TwitterLib. After finally getting to the point where I could release an internal alpha build to my phone, I found quite a few bugs that I missed while I was working with the emulated version, and have found myself now quite happy, even if it is incomplete. Well, as I've been squashing a lot of the bugs, I have resumed feature additions, and have a pretty big list of them since Twitter updated their API set. Here is just a small snippet of those I will be implementing:
  • Caching! Instead of the client constantly connecting to the Internet and requesting information that may or may not have changed, I will be adding the functionality to cache information that it downloads and only to refer to that cached file within a certain time period, thus reducing the amount of Internet traffic (for those without unlimited Internet access) and adhereing to the Twitter API access restrictions.
  • Creating friendships - I will be adding functionality to create friendships on the fly, thus allowing users to select users from the public timeline and add them to their friend's list or even add users who are not in your friends list who have sent you direct messages.
  • View followers - the ability to see who is watching what you're doing, even if they aren't your friend.
  • Deleteing statuses and direct messages - once working, deleting direct messages recently died on me, but since Twitter updated their API to allow these functions, I should be able to do this without writing any "kludgy" code.

On top of this I have fixed a lot of the bugs that were present in the library and the prototype GUI, so expect this program to reach Beta soon! Yea!

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ajpapa.net said...

Wow Sean thats quite impressive that you got far with playing around with the Twitter API. I still haven't gotten my feet wet yet. Maybe I should start. =)