14 June 2007

First Day At My New Job!

My new desk! Wow, I have a new desk! Sweet!Nay, career! Today was a pretty exciting day for me. I was able to start my new position as a programmer at my new work, and was able to sit at my new desk, and learn about all the new things that I'll be working with, and meet the cool new people that I'll be working with, and and and...
Although today was not all that eventful, it was full of "NEW." Its pretty sweet that I have my own cubicle (not Office Space yet, but it probably won't ever get that way) with a dual-screen computer and lots of real-estate on my desk (which will probably get cluttered up with junk as I settle in to my new digs and add all that geeky stuff I've been wanting to stick into my desk for such a long time now - like my new Rubik's Cube). Unfortunately, my desk will probably be pretty bare for a while since I've got tons (and I mean tons) of training to go through in order to even start touching lines of code. Its going to be a grueling first couple of weeks, but I think that I'll do alright.
Another thing that I am very impressed with is the small community that this company has formed. Because it is a very small company (as far as I can tell, but I could be wrong, as I have oftentimes been), a lot of concern about each other has grown, and an awesome friendship has developed within the office. For instance, for my first day here, I was able to sit down to lunch with everybody at the small table in the back of the office and we all talked about various things. It was actually quite nice.
Already I am very happy about this new gig - especially since it is away from the rantings and frustrations of customers, and the inexplicable misinformation by upper management. I'm now working where there are intelligent people who won't sell you out to save their own skin. Woohoo!

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ajpapa.net said...

Thats awesome. All you need now is a red stapler. =)