08 June 2007

The Final Countdown

Its been a long, tumultuous 2 years, but it has finally amounted to this: my final departure from the cell phone industry, and more importantly, my departure from the retail industry. Almost 4 long years ago, I embarked in a seemingly endless journey into the world of retail, starting my first retail job at New York & Company - a women's apparel outlet. After two years (and quitting once and staying), I found myself at the moment of getting a new job as a sales associate at Pacifica Wireless, Ltd., an agent for Cingular Wireless. After 3 months, that position opened up into a sales manager position, where I became a store manager at first one location, then two at the same time. After a long financial struggle, Pacifica collapsed exactly 1 month shy of my anniversary of becoming a store manager, and I began my tenure under the ownership of Prime Communications, Inc. When I began with Prime, I noticed my need to cut back hours for school, and so demoted myself in order to make time for my studies and have remained, more or less, on the same schedule ever since. Just short of 9 months later, I decided to take my chances and apply at another company doing computer programming work (my focus in studies as well as my career goal), and was incredibly pleased to discover that I had landed the job. And so now, 9 months and 8 days later, on June 8th, 2007, I will no longer be in the employ of Prime Communications and will begin my work in my career of computer programming.
Although I am very happy to be starting on what I've been wanting to do, it saddens me to think that I will be leaving so many of my friends behind, including one of my best friends, Aaron, who I helped get his job by hiring him when I was a manager, then worked alongside when Prime Communications took over. Although I will still be able to talk to them and see them from time to time, I still feel sad that I will not be able to see their faces every day at work and joke around with them on a normal basis. But there is always a positive side in that I will be meeting new people to work with and I will be doing the thing that I've always wanted to do: write software. And so, the final countdown begins now with about 1 hour 15 minutes left on the clock until my freedom...

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