15 May 2007


Well, after a couple of weeks of what appeared to be successful upbringing of the baby birds mentioned in a previous post, all but 1 of them has died. The first one died because of trauma as a result of one of my girlfriend's cats attacking the bowl that we had them in and causing it to go into shock and die. The second one died mysteriously and quite suddenly as it did not show any signs of sickness, but ended up at the bottom of their cage when we had come back home. The third one died as a result of sickness, but this one really pushed through it, trying hard as he might to stay alive despite the signs that he was going to die. He finally did die in my girlfriend's hand yesterday morning.
Despite the fact that they have not been around very long, they have had a profound effect on our outlook on them and have actually grown quite attached to them. But we know that we tried everything in our power to keep them around and raise them, and our hope now is that at least this last one we have does not join his or her siblings in Heaven until after he establishes his or her own lineage.

Kyle, Stan, and Kenny

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ajpapa.net said...

Remember that day like 2 months ago when Temecula actually got below 32 degrees? Well during that peroid my 2 love birds froze to death. =( Thats just testament that love is cold.

R.I.P Shake and Bake
Kyle, Stan, and Kenny