23 May 2007

Recent Events

Well, its been some time since I've updated on recent events around me, and I haven't been able to keep up on putting up a new post even from my phone because of everything that's been going on.
Well, the most important thing that has happened in the last week has been the death of the last bird my girlfriend was raising: Cartman. We had just released that he was actually a she when she died, but unlike the last two, Cartman died without knowing how or why, but we have many suspicions. All we know is that the bird died at the paws of Tiger, my girlfriend's oldest cat, we think.
On Saturday, my girlfriend and I had made plans to go to my house so I could play Halo 3. Before we left at about 7:00p, we went outside to try to coax the bird into coming back inside for the night, and to feed her. In the few days before Saturday, we have been letting the bird outside and letting it fly around freely so that she could get used to the outside and learn to live on her own, yet she would always return to her cage at my girlfriends voice and chirp loudly and incessantly until she was fed. Well, on that Saturday, we heard a lot of chirping that seemed to be from her, but we could not find her nor coax her into coming inside at 6:00, so we decided to abandon the search and leave: we knew that she would return to her cage eventually and my girlfriend's dad said she would bring her in if she indeed comes back. So we left.
Shortly after arriving at my house, my girlfriend got a cell phone call from her dad. She was sitting next to me tinkering on the Internet while I had just finished my first match that day on Halo 3 (I got in first place for the first time). Shortly after picking up the phone, her smile-insiring voice suddenly changed to that of hysteria, disbelief, and deep sadness. It was the call telling us that her dad had discovered a pile of bloody feathers and a leg beneath their dining table... My girlfriend walked into my room, her face streaming with tears, listening to her dad's account of what had transpired. My heart sank, and it could be noticed on my face while I tried to continue playing another round on Halo 3, which I came in last place on. I couldn't focus. Eventually, I gave up on Halo 3 altogether and joined her in my room so that I could try to find out what had happened and try to console her.
From what I could gather, shortly after we had left, her dad asked her little brother to go feed the rabbits that have been frequenting their property lately as her little sister watched. When he walked outside to check up on what was going on, he had noticed a bird perched on a lampost in the middle of their property with another bird - what apparently was a male who was feeding her. It must have been Cartman. He went inside to check some things on his computer while the kids enjoyed a little of their late afternoon outside. This is where things seem to get very strange.
According to my girlfriend's little sister, Cartman had flown down to the tomato plant that stood just outside their doorstep, and began to try to fly to perch on her head. According to her, she did not bring the bird into the house without notifying anyone else. However, it was very strange that the bird ended up in the house, being that she was the last person to see her, and recently she has had a fascination with the birds since she was denied being able to get close to the bird due to a contracted illness that she had acquired (this is how the other two died). Well, apparently, she must have brought the bird inside, defying everything we told her not to do and must have set the bird down somewhere. The curious thing was that the bird did not make a sound, as her dad did not hear anything, so we believe that upon grabbing the bird, her little sister may have hurt the bird badly and thus was a) unable to fly, and b) unable to scream for help. Now that the bird was set down somewhere, defenseless, Tiger siezed the opportunity and attacked the helpless thing, devouring its body (or putting it somewhere where we can't find it), and leaving only the legs and wings behind. The other incriminating piece of evidence was the attitude at which her little sister notified her dad about the feathers - which she did in a somewhat nonchalant way. This indicated that she did not have any remorse that an animal had died, even by her own hand. Needless to saw, when her dad was notified, he had a flurry of feelings of which deep sadness and a strong desire to know what had happened.
What had happened depressed me and my girlfriend greatly for the next couple of days, Sunday being the worst. But afterwards, life resumed (albeit very slowly and with remorse), and I began to plan to be off this week for finals. In fact, I took my Statistics final a few hours ago, so now I am one step closer to ending this semester. I am planning on completing another final early tomorrow morning (Spanish).
Meanwhile, before and after the Cartman incident, I have been working on a Twitter API wrapper in C#, and have come quite far with it. I was able to access and download all the applicable data on my Twitter account, and a few minutes before I left for my final today, I was able to successfully post a new update to my Twitter account, which was a huge hurdle for me. Hopefully at some point tomorrow I will be able to complete the all the API calls (I have a couple more to do), and then I'll begin optimizing, debugging, and cleaning up some of the code. I'm very excited since it will be the first full web service API wrapper that I've ever created and intend to use it for a number of applications, since it is also the first cross-platform compatible API wrapper I've ever written. I will probably post more information on it as my progress continues, hopefully leading up to a few screenshots and a finished product available to download. Stay tuned!


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