03 May 2007

For the Birds

Almost forgot to mention about my girlfriend's latest escapades into being a veterinary assistant. Last Saturday, my girlfriend's widow neighbor accidentally destroyed a nest of 4 baby birds (the type of which we still do not know), leaving the birds helpless. Instead of risking killing 4 birds, my girlfriend's father brought them back home so that my girlfriend could see if maybe they could be saved. After realizing that we had nothing to feed them, we went to PetSmart and bought some baby bird food (one appropriate for all types of birds), and came back and fed them. Ever since, the birds have grown accustomed to the gentle hand of my girlfriend and seem to be doing very well. It makes me smile every time I watch her care for them and always joke around about how her natural maternal instinct has helped her care for her "young." In fact, seeing her care for them, crazily enough, makes me love her that much more since she has such a compassionate soul. Recently, when she talks about how the birds are doing, I jokingly call her "mom," though she always faces me and says "No!" jokingly. She has always loved animals, which is probably the reason she has decided to try to be a veterinary assistant, and with how compassionate she is, I think the animals the come her way will definitely appreciate her kind-hearted soul.

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