03 May 2007

Feeling Good

There are days when my job feels very rewarding. I know, I speak blasphemy, but its true. Believe it or not, but I feel really good whenever I know that was able to help a customer who was totally lost, even if I didn't end up selling them anything.
Yesterday was one of those days, where I had a Spanish-speaking family who was interested in signing up with Cingular but wanted to get the best possible prices on phones. After working diligently with them, they ended up getting almost everything they wanted for a reasonable price. It made me feel good to help them get everything I wanted.
But right after that I had another customer who was looking to get one of our Cingular LaptopConnect Internet Cards, but she was telling me things about how she was unable to get DSL or Verizon's FIOS service. Something told me to check the coverage viewer for this customer to see if 3G was available in her area, since if it wasn't it probably wouldn't be a good idea to get her on only to have slighly-better-than-dial-up speeds (she already had dial-up and needed a significant speed increase for online schooling she was preparing to begin). Well, unfortunately she wasn't in a very good service area for either 3G or EDGE, so her ability to get good service was almost thrown out the window. I then spent the next hour trying to help her understand why I felt it wouldn't benefit her to go with Cingular's offerings and to try to look into other services, like satellite Internet or even visiting Starbucks for their T-Mobile Hotspot service or even Barnes & Noble for their AT&T WiFi services. Altogether it felt very rewarding especially since she told me how I was very honest I was and even said that just because I was honest, she would come back and see me specifically if and when she bought a phone.
Altogether yesterday felt pretty good, not only because I made some sales, but also because I knew I helped several people.

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