27 May 2007

Arr Me Hearties!

Following hot on the heels of my friend AJ's recent blog post about the latest installment of the Pirates of the Carribean series, I've decided to write my own review. Unfortunately, because Friday, May 25th, was so busy for me, and I had work yesterday, I was unable to write my own post.
Unlike the other Pirates movies, this one had way more storyline drama rather than action and comedy. Its nothing to complain about, really, but it makes understanding the movie much more difficult for kids. But from the beginning of the movie, this was not to be designated as a kids movie: during the first 5 minutes, we are met with hordes of people in line for execution. What made those scenes difficult and disturbing to watch was the fact that you see their feet when they are hung - although I am not complaining as many other overly sensitive parents probably would have just because I know that that kind of stuff actually happened, so sensoring it out would have done injustice to the truth of the barbaric attitudes of that period. Even for the next 15 minutes, there were other blatant inuendos involving Elizabeth Swan, particularly when she is required to undress (which is not seen, but hinted at) or when one of the pirates (can't remember what his name was) was looking up into Elizabeth's gown. But it was all in good adult humor taste.
As AJ had said in his blog post, the movie has a tremendous number of plot twists and character alliances and betrayals, making keeping track of who was with who and why very difficult. Altogether though, the movie had its fair share of awesome action sequences. Especially the epic ship battle between the Black Pearl and the Flying Dutchman at the end, the battles were long and exciting. But even in the awesome action sequences, there was still some comic relief, like the incredibly funny marriage during the sword battles on deck of the Black Pearl.
Though understanding Calypso's dialect was not any easier than it was in POTC 2, the movie was extremely well done and well worth the wait. I wouldn't be so surprised of another Pirates movie, considering the storyline for Calypso was dreadfully incomplete and the semi-clifhanger ending. We'll just have to see what happens!

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