16 April 2007

What it means to be a manager

This week has been horrible - very slow on sales, and stress levels among my new managers have hit the breaking point for them. They have been extremely stressed due to the slow sales and Cingular's upcoming store branding audit. However, because my managers have been stressed, the associates have become stressed out also.
It started with my manager Shaina and having to clean up the previous manager's paperwork messes and also having to fix up the store in anticipation for Cingular's audit some time this month. Unfortunately, her grandfather, who is in Mexico, is suffering right now, and her entire family is flocking to be by his bedside. Due to a scheduling miscommunication, the person who was supposed to cover for her did not show up (he thought the schedule had changed). Needless to say, I had to help close (which I was glad to do considering the day before she worked very hard on fixing every associate's timecards in California). After some time, the stress finally got to her and she began to break down. Some time later she recovered and kept on chuging.
The next day I was met with a very disheartened manager, Ashley, who believed that her management position was a waste of time and that she was loosing too much time with her friends and family "and watching [her] youth disappear." Also, due to the enormous amount of work the managers have been faced with, she began to break down and eventually left work altogether.
These events have made me think about my experience as a manager and how much I have had to do. I remember starting out and having a lot to do, but over time that todo list dwindled down and things became a little easier (or was it I that was now getting used to the work load?). But when school is added to the mix, it can be a very potent addition that can cause stress to skyrocket, which was an example of why my friend and coworker Aaron resigned his manager position and demoted himself (I did the same thing). The truth is that management is a very taxing job, and one must always make concessions when it comes to personal time. As a manager, you're also the one to blame when something goes wrong, and in some cases, may lead to your termination.
My recommendation to any young men or women thinking about management - it will take your utmost devotion, and in most cases, your full attention at all times to be a successful manager, regardless of the place you are employed at.

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