02 April 2007

Painful Notifications

So, its been 3 days since I received notification about my job prospect, and to tell you lightly, I was disappointed again. Yet again I was told, in a somewhat professional manner, that I was supposedly not fit for a simple entry-level technical support job. In fact, they were so professional that instead of writing a personalized notice or even calling me, they sent me via postal mail a preprinted notice that had a checkmark next to a "We thank you for the opportunity to interview you, unfortunately you weren't selected" blah blah blah.
Its very disheartening whenever you know you have way more skills than is necessary for the job, have been told so many many times in the past by collegues, friends, and family. It really angers me that I continue to try so hard to find another job, one in a realm that I am most comfortable with, but continue to be turned away. Well, I just got to keep on trying I guess...

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