30 April 2007

My New Phone

Well, it has come time for me to decommission my Qtek 9100 (equivilent to the Cingular 8125 but looks like the T-Mobile MDA) and opt for the Cingular 8525. After many months of deliberation, I finally decided to move to the 8525:
A) Because it has 3G, so in areas that have 3G (which part of Temecula & Murrieta do) I can get faster internet connection speeds and be able to do my homework faster and more reliably, and
B) Because I could put Windows Mobile 6, the newest version of Windows Mobile, and take advantage of some of the great new features it has.
Unfortunately I bought my first brand-new unit from work on Thursday & spent my first full day of use frustrated because the camera did not work (though everything else did). After fidgeting with the bugger, I came to the conclusion that it was a bum unit, and went back and exchanged it. After testing the new unit's camera, I upgraded everything on it and am now using it today & am very happy with it. Of course, I am still getting used to some of the quirks and features of my new unit, but altogether I am very pleased. Its been 5 days (4 not counting Thursday when I got it), so we'll see how it fairs with my intensive usage.

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