05 April 2007

A Loss of Pride

There once was a time when I was proud to be extremely knowledgeable in computers, especially in programming, knowing several different languages, including C++, C#, ASP.Net, ASP, Perl, SQL, Java, Javascript, some Visual Basic, XML, XHTML, and CSS just to name a few. But alas, it seems that learning all these languages has gone to waste as I have found myself stuck waiting for my BS in Computer Science before being able to get any job, whether entry-level or even technical support, in my field of preference. Hell, I'm even considered the most knowledgeable across 2 of the Cingular stores that I work for in cellphone-related technical knowledge. I even was a Retail Sales Manager/Store Manager for 11 months (it would have been a year had it not been for the fact that the company I worked for went under and was sold to another company). Its just become an incredibly sour taste in my mouth that I have devoted so much time and effort into gaining the knowledge that I have and not being able to get a job in the field that I have chosen. I just have high hopes that something will present itself (as my girlfriend frequently tells me) soon because my hopes and dreams are quickly becoming boons to my progress.

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