18 April 2007

Freakin' Parking Lot Nazis!

Oh my Gawd! What the f***! Okay, so I go to a job fair at Cal State San Marcos, and this is what happens:
  • The Setup
    So I leave my house at about 12:40pm and arrive at 1:20pm (not bad, I must say, but I did want to leave earlier but homework held me back). I find a parking spot not much later and I put up an expired parking pass up on my dash. Lock up and proceed to walk to the fair.
  • The Climax
    At about 1:32pm a parking-lot Nazi logged a parking citation for my expired pass. I come back at about 1:50pm to leave and notice a green envelope with the citation. The amount due: 50 freakin' dollars!
  • The "Cool Down"
    After buying a parking pass for $4 (should have just done this from the beginning), I walked to the Parking Services building to pay my citation. After walking back to my car after paying the fee, and being disgruntled the whole time, I realized that I am such an idiot for having not paid the $4 for a 3 hour pass which could have prevented the whole mess.

Let my misfortune be a lession for all you youngsters like myself who think that they can skirt the parking-lot Nazis and be able to park for free - it won't happen, because when you least expect it, they'll stab you in the gut with a sharp-edged green envelope and threaten to make you pay $75 if you don't pay them within 21 days for your penny-pinching ways. I guess it just goes to say that if you even step foot onto a university campus, you'll be bleeding away money, even if you're there for only a few minutes. This sucks.

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