04 March 2007

Fun in the Snow

Well, yesterday my mom, my brother, my girlfriend and I all went to Snow Summit on Big Bear to have some fun snowboarding - and what fun we had! We arrived shortly after 9am and were on the slopes as early as 9:45am, and had fun since. Being my girlfriend's first time and my brother's second time, I tried to teach my both of them (seeing as how I was such a pro having this been my third time going ever). My brother had some trouble getting the hang of stopping (important to learning how to turn), but my girlfriend seemed to pick it up pretty easily (of course without some resistance and shouting "I can't do this!"). Although my brother fell onto his knees a few times too many and decapacitated him from trying any more, my girlfriend felt inclined to try to go up a much higher course, and we did so twice before leaving the mountain close to 5pm. Needless to say we had a really good time and are now nursing our extremely sore bodies. I will post a few pictures that my mom took (since I didn't want to risk dropping my phone in the snow) when I have a chance to get them from her.

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