25 December 2006

Merry Christmas To All!

Christmas is a time to give to others and not be selfish, a season where I feel the most comfortable since I love to give whatever I can to others. Although my birthday lands just before Christmas Eve (a day that I am entitled to be a little selfish), this Christmas season was one of the most special for me because of how much I have given to others this year. Although my family did not have a lot of money this Christmas (and therefore not a lot of gifts to give), I feel more happy just in the fact that I was able to wake up to smiling faces: my brother was enjoying his new Xbox 360 games, my mom and dad listening to my brother and I make colorful and funny commentary. But it wasn't just Christmas morning that made things fun for me.
Last night, Christmas Eve, was special since I was able to spend the day with my girlfriend opening gifts and mingling with my extended family on my mother's side - the biggest side of my family. It was a very special night that my girlfriend genuinely enjoyed - and she finally began to feel as if she was part of the family. After the visit with my family, we retreated back to her house and began to place her family's presents under their tree, a process that lasted until about 1:30 in the morning, but left me thoroughly pleased with myself. Even before going to my family's get-together, my girlfriend and I spent about an hour and a half building a really nice doll house for her little sister, happy the entire time that I was able to help bring joy to her family.
Although it is unfortunate that my girlfriend and I have to spend Christmas Day apart until the late evening, it brings me unmeasurable joy this year and marks my 22nd Christmas (technically 23rd, since I was born just before Christmas, but 22nd full Christmas) one of the most special I have ever had.
But I hope that everyone remembers that this is the season to give and that this season was special for everyone as it has for me. I must now be off to church... Merry Christmas to All!

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