11 December 2006

The End is Near

Well, I'm about 10 minutes from the beginning of a 4 1/2 hour 2-exam deathfest. At 7am, I will be starting my Physics 202 (Electricity and Magnetism) final exam, which will last until approximately 9am. After that, I will have my second final of the day, at 9:15, for my Math 370 class (Discrete Mathematics). Let me tell you, that for the first time in my life of academics, I have never been so unsure about a final exams in my life. I've had a very rough time in both classes, and am completely unsure whether I will actually pull through a C or better. I very much hope so, even if both end up with final grades of C-'s, I would be very happy. Well, I should probably cram for the last few minutes of life I have. Wish me luck, all. I'm really going to need it.

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