07 December 2006


That's the number of miles my car had on Monday, 12/4/06 when things started to go wrong. It wasn't "oh crap, the transmission has gone out" wrong - it isn't that bad, but it was still quite pricey. And of all things, it was the one thing that I tended not to care too much about since they rarely ever fail, but rely on heavily. Here's the story:
I was driving along on my way to pick up my brother. I volunteered to pick him up from high school since I don't get to spend too much time with him anymore what with work and school taking up my time. As I was driving along, I came up to a hill that I was driving down. At the bottom of the hill there is an intersection, and the light happened to be green for my direction. I started to slow down so that I could cross the intersection safely: avoiding people waiting to make left turns going the opposite direction, as well as avoiding the possibility of my car bottoming out since there was a slight hump in the middle of the intersection. I glance at my speedometer to get a reading on my speed so I can gauge how fast I would be crossing the intersection and whether I would be able to do it safely. That's when I noticed that my speedometer said 0 MPH. Uh oh.
Well, long story short, I go to the dealership the same day and spend more than 3 hours waiting for a diagnosis and finally they report telling me that my instrument panel has a short (i should also mention that the fuel gauge is having issues at the same time also), but it'll cost more than $550 in parts and labor to fix - right before Christmas, go figure. Why so much? Well, a) my car is out of its 36,000 mile warranty, and b) they're greedy. I swore I had an extended warranty but they had no record in the computer. I said just order the part, I'll figure out how to install it, and paid 321 and some change for it. The next day, my mom found the extended warranty information I needed and I promptly went to get my money back.
Moral of this story: always get the extended warranty on computers and cars (especially cars). It'll be well worth it.

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Dustin said...

same things went out on my car!! 400 buck's, I have to wait till our company pays for the other stuff to get the work done on that!

Tina's quiting!! just incase u didnt know!
Im think about it as well...

anyways i figured out there are spaces in ur xbox acount name so you wil be getting an invite soon..

I myself sold more phones at winchester than any store on a saturday!! Yet still our MANAGER treat's me like dirt making stay open to close without really asking..Today was rediculouse! If you need more info on it just ask but yea wow...I feel you on wanting to get out of this job!!!It's killing me..decent money but just a crap job..n/m managment is a better word!