28 November 2006

Incompetence in the 21st Century

Its 9:40. I'm in class and I get a call from my friend and co-worker Aaron. He's locked out of a store here and doesn't have a key because he had to give it to another associate since the other associate doesn't have a key himself. Unfortunately, the earliest I could get there was 11. So I meet him finally and give him my key. Then we get into a conversation over the painful realization of just how incompetent this company is: the management gives customers incorrect information, and then doesn't give us the proper equipment to complete our jobs (such as enough keys for the stores we work at). This is getting ridiculous. I used to love my job, being able to help customers ensure their cell phone equipment worked properly and also was able to see most of the latest and greatest in mobile technology, one of the fastest growing industries. The unfortunate part of it, though, is how incompetent many people are and how unwilling they are to learn the new technologies (or even understand them for that matter). What is probably the most bothersome, however, is the fact that they interrupt an otherwise smooth sale and, in combination with giving customers incorrect information, lead to lost sales. Thank goodness I'm looking for a new job, with a prospect for a new one set for tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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