22 November 2006

The Holidays - They Area A Comin'

Wow, its holiday time again. Where has the time gone. Like the old cliche goes, it just seemed like yesterday I was sitting at work the day before Thanksgiving waiting for the time when the family and I all sit for Thanksgiving dinner ready to endulge in the finest seasonal food the world has provided us. But since Thanksgiving last year, there has been so much change in my life - so many things have happened - that it almost seems strange to think that my life is now moving at the speed it will probably sustain for the rest of my days here on Earth. Reflecting on it I've seen:
  1. My best friend prepare as well as go through a wedding,
  2. My best friend leave for the Navy,
  3. Many changes at work, from a pay cut, to a step down with the new owners of the store I work at,
  4. The utter pain and mental suffering of transferring to a California State University to complete my Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science,
  5. And most importantly, I've built a relationship with the most wonderful young woman in the world, giving me the support and perspectives on life that I never saw before, leading to strong, founded desires to marry her.

There has been so much change in my life since last Thanksgiving, amounting (in most respects) to so much good that this coming Thanksgiving, I really have something other than food to be thankful for. Where life takes me from this Thanksgiving until next is unknown, but my hope is that it will help me build my character and the the life I want to lead. All I need to now is survey this horrible, yet extremely joyous time, known as the holidays...

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