24 November 2006

Amazon.com is Unfair!

Okay, some of you may have heard about Amazon.com's offering of 1000 Xbox360s for only $100. Awesome deal, especially for a core system, which, when I bought my core system on the 360's launch date, it was about $300+. Well, thinking about a really nice Christmas present, I decided to try to get one. The catch: all 1000 would start selling at 11am on Thanksgiving day. Millions of people were told. So, I logged into Amazon.com at 10:45am, waiting, refreshing the page until the "Buy Now" button appears. 10:57am, tragedy strikes. I hit the refresh button, and Amazon.com doesn't respond. I try again. No dice. Try on 2 other computers. Still no go. 11:00am passes by. Still no response. 11:05am. Nothing. 11:15am. Finally I get a response back from Amazon.com, but guess what I see? I get a page telling me that the 360s have sold out. It was a big disappointment, but I thought it was completely unfair as people who were ready to buy didn't even have a chance since their servers quit out due to the huge amount of traffic. Oh well. I tried.


ajpapa.net said...

Haha I had like 10 friends trying to do the same thing. They even went as far as writting programs to check for them.

Sean said...

Yeah I was considering writing a program, but I didn't want to waste that much of my time, though it would have been pretty cool if it worked.