09 October 2006

A Year's End Resolution

In an effort to a) save money, and b) lose weight, I've made a resolution to prevent myself from having any Starbuck's products (with the exception of water) until January 1st, 2007, at which point I will re-evaluate my resolution to see if I want to continue it again. However, as an exception, December 2nd is the only day I will break this "fasting" of Starbucks for personal reasons. In fact, I've even enticed the love of my life to do it too (though other coffee houses will be acceptable for her). With the holiday season coming up, it makes sense to make this resolution to save money for gifts and also keep myself from drinking myself an extra couple of pounds. And, of course, of all days for me to make a resolution I needed a Starbucks really bad, but I made it through the day, so I guess its okay so far.

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ajpapa.net said...

I gave up caffine last year as my new years resolution and I have been going strong since =). Too many people these days rely on caffine and not enough will power and time management. I decided to give it up to prove to myself I could manage my life without caffine.