30 October 2006

The Obviousness of the Truth

So I'm sitting in traffic right now, and have been for the last hour. Total distance traveled? About 13 miles. Apparently there was an accident on I-15 South causing a gigantic backup on the freeway. Hundreds of people, including myself, are now late for whatever (myself, it would be school). Well, as I was driving along, I noticed a couple CalTrans caution signs along the shoulder of the freeway, saying things like "I-15 South Accident; Long Delay" and "Caution: Accident Ahead." I don't mean to be rude, but isn't that obvious having to sit in traffic for more than 45 minutes and move only 10 miles? I mean, come on, anyone with common sense can figure that out. But regardless, I'm late due to a Semi-truck having its cargo catch on fire and close the right 2 lanes of the freeway near Old Highway 395. Oh well.

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